Fusion Data PlatformΒΆ

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Fusion Data Platform (FDP) is a data framework in Python for magnetic fusion experiments. FDP streamlines data discovery, management, analysis methods, and visualization.

Description and features

  • An extensible software layer that unites data access, management, analysis, and visualization
  • A descriptive data object that users can query to find data and analysis methods
  • Data access tasks (servers, trees, nodes, queries) are handled behind the scenes
  • A collaborative development platform for data analysis tools
  • Built with popular, open-source packages like Numpy and Matplotlib

Example usage

import fdp
nstxu = fdp.nstxu()

nstxu is a data object that abstracts the NSTX-U device with easy access to shots, diagnostics, signals, and data methods. The typical heirarchy is:

<machine>.<shot>.<diagnostic container>.[<possible sub-containers>].<signal>.<method>

Users can discover data containers like mpts, data signals like te, and data methods like plot() with Python’s tab-complete functionality.


To contribute to the FDP project, see CONTRIBUTING.rst in the top-level directory or Contributing in the docs.

Lead developers

  • David R. Smith, U. Wisconsin-Madison
  • Kevin Tritz, The Johns Hopkins U.
  • Howard Yuh, Nova Photonics