How to contributeΒΆ

Workflow: Thank you for your interest in the FDP project. To contribute to the FDP code base, please follow the “forking workflow”:

  1. Fork the main FDP repo at Github to create your personal repo
  2. Clone your personal repo to your local work area
  3. (Regularly pull updates from the main FDP repo to your local repo)
  4. Push commits to your personal repo at Github
  5. Submit pull requests to the main FDP repo at Github

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Style: Try to follow the PEP8 style guide. FDP uses flake8 to scan for PEP8 conformance and static code analysis. To perform the scans, run make lint in the top-level directory.

Testing: FDP uses pytest for testing and coverage for test coverage. You can run the test suite with make test or pytest in the top-level directory, and you can run the test coverage scan with make coverage in the top-lelvel directory. See test/README.rst for more information about testing in FDP.

Makefile recipes: The top-level Makefile contains several recipes for generating docs, code style/quality reviews, and versioning. Run make help to see a summary of recipes:

$ make help
help                 show this help message
docs                 build HTML and PDF documents
docs-html            build HTML documents
docs-pdf             build PDF documents
test                 run pytest in current Python environment
coverage             check test coverage and show report in terminal
coverage-html        check test coverage and show report in browser
lint                 run flake8 for code quality review
autopep              run autopep8 to fix minor pep8 violations
authors              update AUTHORS.txt
changelog            internal use only
bumpversion          internal use only
bump-major           update AUTHORS and CHANGELOG; bump major version and commit
bump-minor           update AUTHORS and CHANGELOG; bump minor version and commit
bump-patch           update AUTHORS and CHANGELOG; bump patch version and commit
clean                remove all build, docs, and Python artifacts
clean-docs           remove docs/build
clean-pyc            remove Python file artifacts